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Science Explain What Your Habits Say About Your Personality.

We can define personality as “the outer appearance and behavior of a person.”

Habits generally reveal themselves right there in those outward behaviors.

For this reason, we can be sure our collection of habits forms a large chunk of our personality.

With that said, consider what the following habits may reveal about you.

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Our character is basically a composite of our habits.” – Stephen Covey


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Patti Wood, a body language expert, says that how you stroll can send a strong message about you.

If you balance your weight forward – as if charging ahead – and you fix your gaze forward, you’re probably ambitious and focused.

At the same time, people might consider this demeanor unapproachable and cold.

If you are lighter on your toes with your eyes downcast, you may tend to be more.

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According to some psychologists, your emailing style can reveal a few things about your persona.

For example, an absence of typos and grammatical errors reveals a tendency to be conscientious, perfectionist, and possibly obsessive.

Longer emails reflect a thorough, energetic nature. They may also indicate a needy personality.

Introverts tend to get down to business, while extroverts are more casual and playful with their words and topics of choice.


Are you the reason someone has to halt their business meeting because you’ve barged into the door out of breath, late again?

If you make a habit of tardiness, others might see you as undependable or too laid back.

Meanwhile, people who are always early may be a bit neurotic.

Finally, people who arrive “on the dot” generally manifest traits such as agreeableness, conscientiousness, and dependability.

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Juliet Boghossian, a behavioral expert, claims that eating habits are linked to personality traits.

“ Slow eaters “are usually people who like to be in control and know how to appreciate life.” At the same time, they might manifest confidence and level-headedness.

People who wolf down their plate “tend to be ambitious, goal-oriented, (but) impatient.”

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Graphology analyzes the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting.

Some psychologists believe this analysis provides a valid measure of personality.

Handwriting analysis specialists, called graphologists,claim that a person’s writing can reveal as many as 5,000 traits. Here are just a few:

  • Size of letters and words: Large letters means you want to feel understood and noticed. Smaller letters may indicate intense concentration and focus and reveal a more introverted personality.
  • Slant: Tending to put a rightward slant on letters could mean that you’re friendly, sentimental, and a bit impulsive. No slant indicates a logical and methodical personality. A leftward slant suggests that you prefer to work with things over people.
  • Pressure: Heavy pressure indicates strong emotions and a propensity to be reactive. Lighter pressure shows a more playful attitude and a need for adventure.
  • The connection of letters: If your letters are connected, you are logical, methodical, and a cautious decision maker. Letters that are a bit more spaced out indicate an intelligent and intuitive nature

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