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The 3 Secrets to Make Resolutions Work For You.

Did you know 80% of New Year resolutions fail in the first month of the year?

Worry not, I will not let you fall into that trap and make sure you are on the right track to end the year with a bang.

So, let’s dive straight into the 3 three you need to do to make sure you achieve your 2019 goal!

Secret #1: Setting Goals that Actually Get Done.

As eager as everyone is to spout the importance of goals, few seem to have a truly actionable approach to setting goals that inspire action or create lasting change.

We’ve already discussed why above: Most goals are results-focused rather than action-focused.

Here’s one of the key takeaways: Write your goals as clear, actionable “yes” or “no” statements.

The great thing about goals written in a yes-or-no format is it removes all ambiguity.

At a glance, you immediately know two things: Exactly what you need to do, and whether or not you’re on track.

Secret #2: Defining Habits that Direct Your Success.

If there’s one thing that sets successful people apart from the rest, it’s their daily habits.

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We all share the same 24-hour days; what differentiates us is how we use the time we’re given.

Here are the Best Scientifically Proven Ways To Develop Better Habits.

Habits drive action, action drives change, and change drives results.

For example, you already had a daily habit of grabbing a cup of coffee right after getting to the office.

You could create an action trigger by stating, “When I grab my morning cup of coffee, then I’m going to send an email to someone I wouldn’t otherwise have contacted.”

So if you want to be more successful or productive, you need more successful, productive habits.

This might seem like a subtle difference, but it works because all you’re doing is adding an extra step onto a pre-existing habit, which is much easier to adopt and integrate into your life than an altogether new behaviour.

Secret #3: Instilling Motivation that Lasts Through the Year.

Pursuing goals and establishing habits is almost always easy in the beginning.

But what happens in February, March, or April when “shiny object syndrome” begins to wear off and your New Year’s resolution is no longer “new?”

If you’re like most people, you simply stop pursuing change.

That’s why it’s important to place motivational “safeguards” in place early in the goal-setting process, to ensure you’re mentally equipped to continue taking action long after “natural” motivation fades.

Why? Because how you communicate with yourself about a task directly influences your motivation to complete that task.

This is one of the rare instances where focusing on the result rather than the action is often the key to success.

Make 2019 the Year Your Resolutions Become Reality.

At the end of the day, meaningful change—and remember, that’s all a resolution truly is—really is that simple.

By mastering the ability to set action-oriented goals, supporting those goals with pragmatic habits, and supplementing your progress with inexhaustible motivation, the results you’re looking for won’t be an “if.”

They’ll be a “when.”

And my challenge to you is this: Make that “when” this year.

I hope the quick tips I shared in this article help make 2019 the year you reach your fullest potential.

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Whatever you decide and whatever your resolutions, I wish you nothing but the best.