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The Most Accurate 2019 Career Horoscope Prediction!

New year, new career challenges. Is there really a better way to start 2019 than to see what each astrological sign can expect in the realm of work?


This year, you will find yourself a promotion or job offer that garners you big boss status. You may also receive an award or public recognition within your field, while some may delve into entrepreneurship or go into a new field entirely.


There will be studying or travelling abroad opportunities for some. There could be the possibility of relocating for the right job offer. Some of you could even an offer to work on a media-based project.

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You will have multiple job offers and widen contact reach . How far you’re able to get will be determined by your ability to partner up with others that compliment your skills. Some may even have the chance to work with a mentor while others may opt to work with a career or business coach.


This year presents you with the opportunity to get back on track. There will be lots of work on your plate and in order for you avoid burning out, you’ll need to pace yourself and practice regular self-care. Overall, expect your focus to be called back to you.


If you’ve been stuck in a job that’s been draining you, this year you can take the exit. Don’t make any hasty decisions, but make moves into something you really want to do. Don’t be surprised if you find that what you really want to do is something that may be a bit unconventional.


This year, the spotlight is coming. Some can turn a hobby or craft into a business, while others may work on taking an underdeveloped talent more seriously. Either way, it will be less about you being the power behind the throne and more about you stepping up and taking your place on it.


You could find yourself in a top-level position. There could be a move or relocation. Marketing, communications, or media fields could also be where you find support and opportunity.

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There’s a strong chance that you’ll land on your dream job. The job offer you’ve been searching for could be just around the corner. On a different note, you might find yourself completing a degree or training program that gives you a leg up on the competition.


With your ruling planet at home, there will hardly be anything that you can’t achieve or accomplish this year.While the job offers and opportunities will be rolling in, you’ll want to make sure you’re not taking on more than you can handle.


It’s time for you to take your rightful place at the top. However, this may require that you step out of your comfort zone. Also, be willing to let stagnant professional relationships die. Know that whatever you release this year will be replaced by something much better. Embrace the change.


You can expect your reputation to precede you in 2019. People will be buzzing about how amazing you are, which could lead you to impressive career opportunities. Your success for the year will be determined by your health and wellbeing. Your body is going to need more rest.

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It’s possible that you might land the kind of gig that you’ve only seen in your dreams. This may even mean getting the chance to travel for work or presenting your work or ideas in front of a major audience.  At the same time, be more attentive and surround yourself with ambitious people.

So, that’s career prediction for each zodiac sign. Hope this year will an excellent and progressive year for you career wise.

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