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8 Short and Interesting Fact You Should Know About Thaipusam!!

Thaipusam is only two days away, and many devotees have begun flocking to temples to offer their prayers. In line with the special day, here I  present you with eight facts about Thaipusam that you may not otherwise know about.. Related: The 4 Major Do’s And Don’ts at Thaipusam This Year! 1.Thaipusam actually derives from […] Continue reading

8 Scientifically Proven Ways To Develop and Stick to A New Habit (Permanently)!

Just about everyone wants to cultivate better habits. The problem is, very few of us want to do the work to make those habits a reality. We hope they will magically develop, that one day we’ll just wake up early, without even considering the snooze button and head straight to the gym. Then we’ll have […] Continue reading