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HUAWEI Gave Up on KPI, Took OKR To Reach Business Success. Why?

OKR is the management method advocated by former Intel CEO Grove. In 2019, it was the first year of the transformation of the HUAWEI organization, and it was fully introduced into OKR management. Track your progress toward your goals using the world’s best goal setting method, OKR! Trusted and used by people like Bill Gates, […] Continue reading

4 Simple Ways To Transform Your Workplace to A Happy Place.

A happy working environment attracts good people and helps people who work for you to do the best for your company. As long as the company strives, it is very important that employees see their daily lives and their colleagues who work with you in a positive way. Also read: The Secret to Creating A […] Continue reading

Here’s How You Can Work Hard, Play Hard and Get Amazing Results!

Ever noticed the how Googlers, Apple’s Geniuses and other big companies have got the ‘work hard, play hard’ thing all figured out while you scream inwardly: “Where on earth do they find the time?!” They are nailing their targets, they come to work and leave with a smile. They even got time be doing pilates […] Continue reading