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Malaysia Aims to Create 200,000 Green Jobs by 2023, Says Dr. Mahathir.

Malaysia puts its focus on promoting green industries and jobs in the ASEAN countries. Malaysia hopes to promote the identification of the potentials and prospects for green industries and jobs in the ASEAN member countries during its tenure as the chairman of ASEAN labor sector, said Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Also read: The Biggest (UNDERRATED) […]

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Meet the Malaysian Female Entrepreneur Who Made Papers From Pineapple Waste.

She can so she did. Asna Nabihah shines a spotlight for all youth taking on the world of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. In an entrepreneurial sense, Malaysia is proudly taking lead even to western countries, especially when it comes to women. More and more women are starting up their own companies, with research done by United […]

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5 Inspiring Malaysian Female Entrepreneurs That We Should Know About!

1. Vivy Sofinas Yusof A mother, model and business mogul. Vivy Yusof is the co-founder of the multimillion-dollar online retail Fashion Valet. She rose to prominence with her blog,, where she has been writing for more than 7 years about her college days in London, family, and work. Related: What It’s Like to Be […]

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8 of The Most Eco- Friendly Companies in Malaysia.

Hey, how’s your day coming along? Is it sweltering outside? Well, it is over here at our office, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any cooler anytime soon. We all know the reason why the earth is getting hotter and hotter is because of global warming, which is caused by our actions. Thankfully, there […]

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Young Malaysians Lack Financial Knowledge. How True is That?

Malaysia’s millennials are carefree, like to spend money on luxury goods and are not worried about their career prospects or international politics. A survey by Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Ministry reports. When it comes to household spending, those born from 1995- 2009 (Gen Z)  leads the race, accounting for 13% of the share, while US […]

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The Top 3 E-Commerce Site in Malaysia That ANYONE CAN JOIN and EARN BIG!

As an emerging market, Malaysia provides an abundance of business opportunities. The most obvious opportunity lies in e-commerce. It is predicted that the e-commerce growth in Malaysia will reach 21% by 2020. But e-commerce isn’t the only opportunity available. Related: 7 Smart, Easy and Quick Way to Be Rich in Malaysia. Conventional business models like franchising […]

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The Top 5 Business Trends in Malaysia That Everyone Need TO KNOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL in 2019!

Moving forward into the year we’re expecting even more exciting things to happen in the field of startups and entrepreneurship in Malaysia. So below, I’ve listed down some of the trends expected to happen as we prepare to face the rest of 2019 with less doubt and suspense. Some of these predictions are more speculative […]

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8 Short and Interesting Fact You Should Know About Thaipusam!!

Thaipusam is only two days away, and many devotees have begun flocking to temples to offer their prayers. In line with the special day, here I  present you with eight facts about Thaipusam that you may not otherwise know about.. Related: The 4 Major Do’s And Don’ts at Thaipusam This Year! 1.Thaipusam actually derives from […]

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