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Top 5 Advantages of Facebook Marketing for Your Business

With more than 1.4 billion users visiting every day, Facebook is definitely the largest social media platform today. That’s why marketers can’t ignore the potential reach that the social networking behemoth can give to businesses. According to Facebbok, 80 million businesses have a presence on their social networking site. Some marketers, especially those in B2B, […]

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The 5 Keys to a Successful Marketing Career

Constant Social Media notifications! Emails, emails and more emails! Client crises on a weekend or national holiday! These are just a few of the issues marketer has to deal with in a daily basis. As you can see, marketing as a profession, isn’t exactly a very work-life balance friendly. It has a tendency to become […]

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Key Things to Know about Marketing in ASEAN

As for marketing, ASEAN region still remains as one of the most remarkably flexible, despite a blowout of sluggish prospects in many industrialised economies and a slowing Chinese economy. Though there are challenges to the retail sector which is mainly due to customer loss of confidence in the company and operating costs plus number of […]

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