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Mobile Friendly is the NOW

WHAT IS MOBILE FRIENDLY?? WHY MOBILE FRIENDLY?? HOW MOBILE FRIENDLY?? A we all know people nowadays are accessing to internet from wide range of devices. So, you can say your readers are looking for an information just on their computer or laptops high chances they are on their phone too.Traditional websites are not exactly formatted […] Continue reading


智慧型手机已经成为了现代人的必需品。根据最新的数据显示,截至2018年全球已经累计了将近45.7亿的手机用户。换算起来,全球已有63.4%的人都是手机用户。这项数据预计在未来还会持续的增加。因此,许多网站包括搜索引擎都为了迎合这个不可避免的趋势,纷纷都推出适用于智慧型手机和平板电脑等移动通讯工具的页面。然而,所有的网站真的发展出适用于这些移动通讯工具的页面吗? Continue reading