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The 3 Simple Guide To Stick To A Budget Without Going Broke Every Month!

Budgeting is the core of personal finance. Done right, it’s the most powerful system to bring people to financial security. Yet, many people have trouble creating budgets and sticking to them. Related: What Is A Financial Plan, And Why Every Adult Needs One! So, here’s the ultimate guide to monthly budgeting. 1. Automate the most […] Continue reading

4 Tips to Spend Your ‘Angpao’ Money Wisely.

Chinese New Year is the perfect time for family to gather around and spend most of their time together while having a great dinner. During this time also, the youngsters can start collecting angpao money from their elderly and saved them for future purpose. Similar: Here’s How You Can SAVE LOTS OF MONEY on Your […] Continue reading

What Is A Financial Plan, And Why Every Adult Needs One!

Many think financial plans are only for those who, well, have finances. Truth is not at all! Every adult needs a financial plan, no matter how much money you have and how old you are. What Is A Financial Plan? A financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s current financial state to predict […] Continue reading