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If You Want to Break Out of the Middle Class, Avoid These Money Habits.

Phil Bradley Town, an American investor, motivational speaker, and author of two books on financial investment that were New York Times best-sellers.  discusses how people in the middle class often have only $1,000 in savings and piles of debt. So, if your goal is to break out of the middle class and retire comfortably, here […] Continue reading


We all love money but we pay such little attention to money that we almost ended up bankrupt and in foreclosure. It is certainly a sobering experience and I vowed nobody has to confront it again. So this Valentine’s Day, if you’re struggling with debt, I’d like you to make a commitment to fall in […] Continue reading

Travel Smarter and Save More With These 7 Insider Tips.

If you are someone who loves traveling but rather go thirty than lavish, here some of the things that I’ve learnt while  traveling more than 20 countries, which can help you  to get more stamps in your passport while still keeping your budget intact. 1. Check one-way flights. This can help you save a substantial amount of […] Continue reading

7 Smart, Easy and Quick Way to Be Rich in Malaysia.

2018 so far has not been particularly positively eventful for Malaysians as many wrestle with the rising living cost and skyrocketing house prices, political stir fry. On the economic front, the ringgit continues to weaken against the US dollar, and household debt has reached 89.1%, one of the highest in the region. Below are seven […] Continue reading