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Most Malaysians are going to die poor, mostly due to lack of financial knowledge, and exposure to the right financial instruments. This doesn’t have to be a reality. Investment knowledge has become a thing of necessity in our times, and this course aims to produce savvy stock investors out of anyone who has the willingness to learn and pave their way to true financial freedom.

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    Community-Based Learning: The road to financial freedom is tough, especially when going at it alone. Which was why we built a community of aspiring investors to egg each other in the learning process, sharing knowledge and insights together.
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    Demystifying Investment… Once in for all: Malaysians are generally exposed to a few asset classes that have remained a staple for many people like unit trust, bonds, and properties. We aim to compare and break down each asset class to determine which is the right one for you, and how you should allocate your assets.
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    Unfair Advantage: Gain unfair advantage by having access to our database of stock picks in different sectors. Each stock pick were assessed and vetted by our community of students and mentor. To top this up, we have a Telegram group that keeps you updated on the market pulse while on the go. Never miss a profitable opportunity!
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    Time-Friendly Strategies: Our strategies only require 2 hours...tops! That’s all you need in a week to make double-digit returns per year. Our portfolios average on an ROI of 25% per annum.

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“The speaker - Milan, is pretty down-to-earth. I was quite skeptical of the claim of delivering an annual return of 25% per annum, however my results have proven that his claims were not off the mark. Definitely life-changing!"

Andrew Fam

Sales Coach

“I made back by worth of course fee in only 2 months. 6 months in and my portfolio is already up by 18%.”


Business Owner

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“The best form of investment is investing in yourself” - Warren Buffett

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