Video Content Creator 视频内容创作者

Video Content Creator 视频内容创作者

Responsibilities 核心工作:

  • Generate short videos for tik tok and reels
    为Tik Tok和reels生成短视频
  • Conceive, produce and circulate high-quality infographics, news, photos, videos, and other shareable content
  • Create engaging & creative content for social media platforms to maintain our digital presence and drive positive engagement with followers
  • Create scripts and storyboards for videos, able to visualize the end product and communicate it effectively

Requirement 条件:

  • At least 1 year experience in media particularly in social media management 至少 1 年媒体经验,有社交媒体管理经验为优先
  • Experienced in copywriting & video editing using 剪影 or other  fast editing software
  • Deep understanding of both TikTok & Instagram Reels
    深入了解 TikTok 和 Instagram Reels
  • Updated with the latest video trends & audios

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Kuala Lumpur & Penang